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From Ruby to Python

For a while I’ve been thinking about switching to Python, especially when I see so many programs I like to use written in it. My favorite terminal Guake comes to mind first and of course my all-time favorite editor Sublime…


Git: Merging Conflicts Visually

When using git, I much prefer using the command line as opposed to any GUI applications. However, a problem arises when merging conflicts between the local branch and the remote. Looking at the file and doing it manually can be…


Public Code Number One

Today I finally released my first public code into the wild. I’ve been teaching myself programming, and throughout the learning process, my code has been in private repositories with Bitbucket. It was a struggle to feel confident enough to put…


Using Ruby Find To Look For Files

It’s only been a few months since I started learning Ruby, and I’ve found myself using Find more than any other standard library. It’s likely because I’m mostly doing scripting work to organize my files. If you’re also new to…