The extent of my growth is only limited by the reach of my dreams. I create content in the physical and digital realms.

With metalworking skills I craft jewelry, chainmail, and sometimes sculpture. Altering material as seemingly permanent as metal gives me such a thrill. Chainmail is where it all started, spurred by my love of fantasy video games and novels. I studied at the Academy of Art University, for which I received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts – Sculpture, with a focus on metalworking. My work combines these varied skills into jewelry that encompasses finely crafted sterling silver, stainless steel chainmail, and a myriad of semi-precious stones and found objects. I am especially fond of glass lenses, which are mostly acquired from broken old projectors and cameras.

When it comes to tech, I have a broad range of interests and a deep desire to learn. I enjoy building computers, working with Linux and the command line, and writing programs in Ruby. To date all of my projects have been private, but a venture into the public is coming. The blog on my front page is the first step to achieving coding confidence. A recent addition to my world of study is electronics. There was in an influx of extra computers in my life, allowing me more freedom to disassemble and create anew. This hands on with tech grew my desire, and led to the acquisition of an Arduino. The possibilities are endless and infinitely exciting.

A bit about how I am personally, and not just what I like to do. The abridged description reads as friendly and caring; charismatic and often boisterous. My sense of justice is core to my beliefs, and I respect people who treat others fairly.

This is really meant to be a quick about me, not an autobiography; so here it ends. Seriously though, if you want to know more about me, be my friend, or inquire about custom work; please feel welcome to contact me. The official form works or just reach out on any of the social networks attached to this page.

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