Author: Brandon Rubin

Jeweler, Programmer, Gamer, and Avid Learner. Crafts fine jewelry, chainmaille, and sculpture. Brandon loves programming in Ruby, working with Linux, and building computers.


Keeping an Eye on Security

Last week, while going through and changing passwords because of Heartbleed, I started to think about security and what of mine could be affected. First thing that came to mind was the server running in my room, which hosts a website and…


March Jewelry Collection

Throughout March I learned a lot about space and astrophysics. One of my favorite sources of learning has been the Cosmos show. It is hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson and gives an incredible look into our universe. The knowledge I’ve…


Python Snippet: Get Terminal Width

There is a wonderful command on UNIX systems to return the width of the current terminal. Enter  tput cols and see for yourself! Tput can actually provide a lot of different info by querying the terminfo database. Really all I’ve needed though is…


February Jewelry Collection

February was a great month of creating jewelry. I have some new made-to-order items in the shop and a few one-of-a-kind pieces. I’ve decided to start doing a monthly jewelry post to showcase my latest creations. Without further ado, here…