My initial plan for this evening was to install Bodhi Linux and then spend half an hour or so playing with it. Then I’d write about how it went and my first impressions. It’s two hours later and I still haven’t booted into Bodhi. The same problem cropped up as with my Ubuntu install; the backlight simply won’t turn on. Writing acpi backlight variables into GRUB didn’t work like last time. Maybe I’ll try it on the desktop instead of the problematic laptop.

Earlier I found a tool called Instant Article Wizard. It is an incredible research tool for rapidly creating content. It basically finds tons of snippets and facts about your topic and helps you rewrite it in different words. The damn thing even has an originality checker against web sources. Personally I’d use it for researching and helping write niche site articles. It certainly has the capacity for abuse by auto-writing sub par content. It would be awesome to grab facts and tons of research though. The instant thesaurus feature is pretty sweet too! Most of the passive income strategies involve writing, so any practice I can get is most welcome.

Not sure what I’m going to do now, but I feel the need to unwind and relax my brain for a while. Maybe I’ll watch some random TV. Oooh I just remembered Burn Notice! Absolutely love that show. The action and comedy blend together into a beautiful rainbow swirl. The explosions, the excitement, and oh the disguises. Love it. Well gonna go turn on the Xbox and start up Netflix. Time to be entertained.