Here’s the latest grouping of my favorite bookmarks and why I think you should check them out!

  • Add Sublime Text to Ubuntu launcher – Ubuntu’s launcher can be pretty finicky when trying to lock new icons to it. I’ve had problems for a while getting Sublime Text’s launcher to stick on my laptop. This concise article shows how to make a proper Unity launcher that shows up in Applications and will stay nicely on the launcher dock. On my machine I installed to my preferred spot of /opt/ as opposed to this author’s ~/My Programs/. Also, instead of the uglyish default, I used this custom icon by Nate Beaty:

    sublime text icon by nate beaty


  • 60 Beautiful CSS-Sprite Social Media Icons – This is the set of icons I used for the menu on the very blog you are reading. They were put together and provided with CSS coordinates by Brandon Setter. The lovely icons themselves were designed and provided for free by Icon Dock. Thanks to both for adding flair to my theme!
    Update September 9, 2013: I have since changed the theme and social media icons.


  • Add shell aliases to ‘sudo’ commands – I am growing a decent list of shell aliases in my .bash_profile and there have been a few cases where I’ve been frustrated by them not being available to ‘sudo’. It’s not that often I run across a use case, but I did today with ‘ufw’. I wanted to alias it to ‘firewall’ but it must always be run as root. Now my alias works thanks to: