I’ve always wanted to start a blog. I’ve made a few minor endeavors in the past, but all of them have come and gone, never to become anything substantial. I really love to write, and I often forget it for long periods of time. Perhaps a preoccupation with my mental state and an abundance of over-critical self examination end up squashing my resolve. I lose the drive to write. To paint a picture with words, or to interact with a reader. Powerful forms of expression.

The aspect that excites me most about writing this is the prospect of community. I’d like to feel engaged again. I want to rediscover my voice, to be inspired to create. Drafting my thoughts into a published medium could help turn my inner eye outward. This blog is the stepping stone; a first step toward awakening. These words will be written for sanity, and whatever information or insight I can pass on is just a wonderful added bonus. I am delighted.